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SAP master data management

A lot of companies do not pay enough attention to correctly convert their master data from the legacy systems into the new SAP system. The result? Incorrect or incomplete master data resulting in disrupted business processes. The consequences? Errors, delays, costs, frustrations, decreased service levels…
Quality at the source is indispensable.


SAP master data: garbage in, garbage out]


What is SAP master data?

SAP master data is the collection of all data objects which are used as input in the business processes and transactional data. Typical examples are:
  • Material master
  • Vendor master
  • Customer master
  • Work center
  • Routing
  • Bill-of-material (BOM)

Master data conversion: the way to success

I am happy to lead all your master data activities. I structure your master data project in such a way that you are presented a list of feasible tasks. Chaos vanishes into thin air! 
Would you like to know my approach to these activities? Then be sure to watch the picture and the movie below, in which I explain in detail how I approach your project in line with SAP master data management and how I turn your master data activities into a success.


Success approach for master data conversion




Planning and monitoring master data activities

As a SAP master data manager, I follow a detailed planning and strictly monitor all master data activities involved, using a template as a starting point. This template must be made project-specific as each project is different. This approach can be applied to very complex as well as simple master data projects.


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